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The site is in a suburban area with a lot of light pollution. There are trees all around and the backyard is not the best of conditions. The site was placed close to the garage because it sits northward and the limiting wire on one of the cameras was only 13'. Being a creature of comfort the garage was needed with a space heater for Winter and away from the mosquitoes in the Summer. This site shows that with the proper filters, viewing can be done visually with satisfaction and reasonably good photos can be taken with CCD cameras all for a reasonable price that any amateur can afford. The observatory was designed in June 2003 and built in July and August with no previous experience of any kind.

As of 2014 the Snobie Observatory has moved to Bear, Delaware and has a new look with the addition of the Lincoln Control Center. Photos are at the bottom of this page.

A hole was dug 3' deep and 1.5' square and framed at the top with 2x6 lumber.
Five reinforcing rods were hammered about 6" into bottom of the hole.
Twelve 80lb bags of concrete were mixed one bag at a time in a wheelbarrow. Just enough water was added to make the concrete mix well but flow thick and slow. The template for the Astropier was placed in top of concrete per instructions with bolt towards fence/garage lined up with Polaris. Concrete was allowed to set for 14 days.
Ground cover and blocks were laid out and vegetation killer was applied. The Astropier was mounted to the anchor bolts in concrete.
Blocks were laid out and plate for platform was installed.
Platform was constructed with joists about 12" apart.
Another view.

Top 2"x6" boards were put in place. Scope was put in place and covered with tarp.
Another view

Framing for observatory was erected with 2"x4" lumber.
Another view

Two 4" wheels were added to each side.
Another view

T111 plywood was added to framing.
Observatory was rolled over scope.

Another view. Can see the roof joists for the corrugated vinyl roofing that will be put on.
Tarp removed from scope and corrugated vinyl roofing put on. Doors were made from scratch with T111 plywood and 2"x3" lumber.
Another view
Completed but not painted.

Completed and painted. Duh!
This view shows the 4" silver clothes dryer tubing that was used to run all the wires into the garage.

There were only 3 errors made during construction. Two were corrected and cannot be seen. The other one was the pier should have been 16" off center of the building. To correct for this, decking was constructed where the stool is sitting so visual observing could be done easier.
This view shows the shelving which was hung on chains so they could be raised and hooked out of the way of the scope.

This is how the scope fits in the observatory.
Another view

Final view of how everything having to do with the scope is stored.
This is the control center inside the garage.

Inside the control center with STV camera control, computer, and monitors.
This is the control center inside my house.

New Snobie Observatory & Lincoln Control Center 2014

Snobie Observatory with Lincoln Control Center
Ronald J. Worden

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