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If I Were President


Main preface would be, Common Sense guided by Wisdom.

 You may ask what is Wisdom and mock or sneer at how can one know Wisdom. Well, here is what Wisdom is: Psalm 111:10 ďThe fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.Ē And how do we get it? James 1:5ďIf any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.Ē

The platform for all issues to be based on would be that it is time that we stop apologizing to the world for our Christian values and that we would come back to our Christian roots of which we were founded upon. We came out of Europe for religious freedom. You can try to change history all you want but the bottom line is that our nation was founded because people wanted to have freedom to worship as well as other freedoms.

Freedom requires responsibility. We canít just do anything we please and make it an excuse for exercising our freedoms. An example of this is the Porno industry. They claim they have the right to promote their filth based on the freedom of speech. Yet at the same time if someone threatens someone else with cursing and tells them they are going to kill them then that is terroristic threatening and is assault and is a crime. It is doing harm to others. Porno is no different. It is wrong for our society to do that, is harmful to others, and should be banned. If you want to do Porno you would have to leave America and go to another country that would allow you to do it. We as a nation will no longer put up with it and you have 2 choices, go to jail or go to another country.

Tougher restrictions on alcohol as far as being drunk. If you want to have a drink, fine but donít get drunk. If you are drunk legislation will be made to deal more strictly with you.

Abortion will be outlawed and all doctors and clinics giving abortions will be shut down and they will be arrested if they continue to perform them. If you want an abortion you would have to leave and go to another country to have it performed. We as a nation will not be judged for upholding abortions any longer. The nation, person, and doctor who perform them will have to bear the consequences for their actions not America. You have 2 choices, go to jail or go to another country.

We are America and we do not want other countries criminals and dependent dregs of society. We want people who want to make something of their lives. We want people who are willing to work for their dreams. We do not want lazy sluggards. We are willing to help you make something of your life not just spend or waste it.

We will not nationalize anything. Meaning when you come to America you must be willing to become Americans. You can keep your traditions and language as secondary. But donít try to change America to become like where you came from. You must be willing to become an American citizen if you want to stay any length of time. Keep your language but you must learn English. If you canít do that you are not welcomed. You can come to school here get a green card for temporary work but if you donít get citizenship within 5yrs. you have to go back to your own county and canít return for 5yrs. There has to be some time limits so you wonít abuse the privileges America offers.

As far as religion is concerned you are welcome to worship as you see fit. But understand that your religion is to not take over America with it practices in the streets as far as interfering with others. Our primary religion of America is Judeo-Christian. Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the Judeo-Christian Bible. Every legislature swears on the Bible that he will uphold the values of America and be willing to protect it. One has to subscribe to those beliefs if they are going to swear on the Bible. If you canít do that you arenít welcome to those positions. You have to recognize that America is a Christian nation and if you canít do that then you are not welcomed here.

As far as the Agnostics and Atheists out there are concerned, if you hate America or you donít want God around and it offends you leave the country. Go somewhere else or stay away from things that offend you or just ignore it. But you or anyone else will not be allowed to sue others just because you are offended by someone who says a prayer. Also as far as the Muslims are concerned there will be no Sharia law here period. You take your worship inside and to your own worship centers and stop disrupting American activities in the streets. In fact being that the Muslim faith hates other types of faiths so much all Muslims that arenít already American Citizens will be ask to leave. You can say that is not true but your Quran says otherwise. If you donít leave we will find you and deport you. You can leave or go to jail.

As far as the illegal aliens are concerned. Everyone who is here illegally if they report and admit they are illegal they will be trained and given a chance to become legal citizens and be given a chance to get jobs with temporary green cards and be taxed according to their wages made. Two years will be given to work toward getting your citizenship and become a productive member of society. If you donít report or fail in that two year period you will be put in jail until the government is able to put you on a plane back to your country. If you are working under a stolen or fake social security card you will be sent back as well, however, each situation with the ones working already will be reviewed individually. The people on Welfare or Social Security and not working will be the ones that will be more severely dealt with. All borders will be closed immediately and anyone caught coming in when above starts up will be sent back immediately with no chance for citizenship.

The states will be given back their right to govern and the federal interference with them will be terminated. Each interference will be reviewed and handled accordingly. All the states bordering Mexico and Canada will be given a mandate to secure its borders by building a wall 50í wide all along its border with a manned tower with machine guns every 500í. Anyone crossing illegally will be killed.

Term limits would be immediately instituted with 2 terms and thatís it. Once your term is up you are out for a 5yr period and then you can run again but thatís it.

All Presidential and Congressional campaigns will be publicly financed. That is they will be funded with the taxes paid in. And thatís it. Budget accordingly or run out of money. No more private campaign contributions and therefore no more bribes. All will start out with the same amount and no one will have special advantage. 

Lobbyist will still be allowed to lobby but with restrictions. 

All congressman salaries will be reduced to 100K/year including the presidents salary. No politician will be able to become rich because of his position. If he can live on it, fine, but if not he will have to get another job. If you canít agree you will have to resign. We want people who want to serve America not line their pockets. You might say we would not be able to get anyone that is good to run. That is a total lie. There are many who love their country enough and are intelligent enough to do a good job.

No more tremendous campaign spending. Every person regardless of wealth or even education for that matter should be able to run for president. Why should a person have to be a lawyer and be rich to run for the presidency? It is total ridiculous.

All small businesses will be helped in every way possible to succeed with tax breaks. All big businesses will have to pay their fair share of taxes by having their tax breaks eliminated. All people not paying taxes that have an income regardless of how small will have to pay some kind of tax. The minimum tax per year will be $500.

IRS will be reduced to minimum employees and be reassigned to other government positions where needed.

All households in America will be allowed to have firearms for their protection.

All sources of energy will be encouraged. All gas and oil and coal lands will be able to be used. The goal would be to make America energy independent.

Labor unions and all environmentalist would be highly limited in their influences and controls.

All personal lawsuit payouts would be capped to no more than 500k and businesses 1m. Frivolous lawsuits would bring serious penalties.

It is said that morality canít be legislated. We already do in that we legislate immorality instead. All laws will be based on the Judeo-Christian Bible of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If you donít like it either agree to disagree peacefully of leave the country.

Millions of Christians would be highly encouraged to join a movement called the 2Chronicles 7 movement and come to Washington once per month to kneel on the grounds with hands lifted up and pray for our country and be willing to repent of their sins.

The theme for our country will be 2Chron 7:13-14

ď13 ďWhen I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people,14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.Ē

For the last hundred years America has been ruled by the upper class rich. Itís about time that America be run by the middle class not so well off. There are a lot of very intelligent people out there with common sense with not a lot of education that could run this country better than what it has been over the last century. I would like to reseed congress with middle class people with common sense that love our country and want to serve and give to our country instead of doing everything for their benefit and personal gain.

This country would not support the Gay life style. No more legislation would be allowed to benefit gays. Your rights would not be any more than any other human being. We would not recognize gay marriages. If you canít agree then leave the country. We donít want you or your sin.

Also if any of the changes offend then so be it. You can voice your opinions peacefully but any riots and you go to jail or can be ask to leave the country.

There are many laws on the books that are based on morality that are no longer up held. They are just ignored. Each will be investigated and the ones deemed not frivolous would be upheld.

Every male and female upon graduating high school would have to spend 2 years in some branch of the military service. This is to be considered further education that would bring discipline to oneís life.

All military vets depending on the severity of their needs after their service would be taken care of for life. No vets would have to live in poverty or on the streets because of war time tragedies. It would not be mediocre care but would be on the level of average middle class well being. They sacrificed their lives and time for the protection of our America surely we can honor and help them get their lives back after they return from service. What has been done thus far through the centuries is a travesty.

The constitution would be upheld as is, not reinterpreted for someone elseís political benefit.

Also just remember one thing. All you people out there especially the Republicans that chop up the Tea Party people, totally misunderstand that basically all the Tea Party people want is fiscal responsibility and to uphold the constitution. Thatís basically it. Any additions is to cloud the issues and make them look bad.

As far as education is concerned, all schools will have texts getting back to Reading, Writing , and Math, period. No more messing around with junk subjects. Evolution if taught at all will now be taught as a theory of which it only really is and Young Earth Creationism will be taught equally along side it.

There are many examples of reversed discrimination these days and trying to censor. A perfect example is when other religions are promoted but when anything is mentioned about Jesus Christ or the Christian religion it is immediately shut down. That will stop. Our constitution does not separate the Church and State! It keeps the state from mandating a religion and not allowing others to worship as they please. We were set up to be a Christian nation allowing others to freely worship. We came out of countries that mandated a religion and the people could not and were not allowed to worship any other way. They had to worship as the state mandated. We should come back to our original state where our nation proclaims Christ but you are free to worship and have the religion of choice but cannot try to change America to your religion.

As far as the spending is concerned. There will be no more frivolous traveling to other nations. If general international meetings are being held outside the United States then we could attend. However, from now on when we want to get together the other leaders will have to come here. They will be told because of our debt crises and the need to spend less we cannot spend the extra money it would cost to see them.

We will support Israel one hundred percent and do everything we can to help them in everything. We will fight for them and with them.

All bills presented to congress would have no pork and would have to be able to be read by all members within 1hr. Anything longer than that will not be considered and is a waste of our time. That way all will know what we are voting on without hidden agendas being falsely introduced.

Talking about changes? Yes, you bet there will be changes maybe even massive ones but they would not lead us into Socialism and Communism and destroy our country.

And if God intends to bring judgment to America for its sins maybe just maybe He will hold off His judgment if we repent and come back to Him.

As president I will encourage businesses to close on Sunday and honor God on that day and trust Him to make up for anything lost. I would have regular fireside chats encouraging all to grow spiritually.

There would be no teleprompters and no canned speeches. All would be casual and from the heart. Any highly technical matters would be dealt with by my professional advisors.

All campaigns will be mandated to address the issues only. No more chopping up opponents. When a person runs for office donít offer a lot of empty promises but tell how the issues will be addressed concretely. How things will be changed and corrected.

There will be no more zero tolerance laws made and individual offenses would be handled according to circumstance. As an example when a child in elementary school plays Cowboys and Indians and brings a cap pistol in his book bag to school he will no longer be expelled because of the no tolerance law about guns. Letís use some common sense and not be so ignorantly stupid.

All congressional perks that cost tax payers money will be eliminated.

Here is the most daring proposal. A Year of Jubilee. In the Bible it is recorded that God told the Israelites to have a year of Jubilee. It was supposed to be every 50th year from when it was proposed but they never obeyed Him. Essentially it was to happen one time in the average personís life time. One of the ideas was the forgiveness of debts but this was only a minor part and the total concept was far more reaching than just debt forgiveness. However, think of what may be accomplished for the good of the World and our Nation if we just did one little bit that God might be pleased with in helping others.

How could the Year of Jubilee be implemented to the World economies? Basically it would be a financial reset. Lets just think. The buying power of minimum wage now is at a 50 year low. Meaning in the 50ís & 60ís we could buy more with a couple of bucks an hour than what we can buy now with between 7 & 8 bucks per hour. Thatís not good. In the 50ís and 60ís minimum wage was about $1.25 to maybe about $2.00. Now it is between $7.00 and $8.00/hr.The average cost of a new car in 1960 was about $2600, gas was $.25 a gallon, and milk was $.49 a gallon. The cost of new car today is anywhere from about $17000 on up, with the average being about $28000. Gas is about $3.65 a gallon and milk is over $4.00 a gallon. As you can see everything is relative. Do an exercise and divide the average cost of a new car in 1960 by the minimum wage of $2.00 and you get 1300 times. Do the same with the average cost of a new car today or even a minimum of $17000 for a new car and divide that by the minimum wage today and you get 2125 times. You can do that with all the costs of today and yesteryear and you will see our buying power has dropped tremendously. With housing it is even worse. What would it be like if we wiped out all debts and reset our economy back to the Gold Standard or instead of Gold let each nation calculate how much precious metals it has and base their economy on that? Let the standard be called the Precious Metal Standard and define it as the value a nation has on all diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium and adjust all wages accordingly.

You may say this is ridiculous but think about it. Everyone that is owed by someone also owes someone else. There are very very few people that has someone owing them that they do not owe someone else. All the savings would still remain. If things change the relative savings would still be kept because everything would be relative to the new value. Just the debt would be given a clean slate and people would be admonished to keep from getting into debt. Also laws could be put into practice to not allow people to go into debt.

This could be done once every 100 years and laws be enacted so people wouldnít cheat the system and run up their debts just before the new 100 year reset took place.

Issues to be worked on and restructured.

1. Balance the budget.

2. Borders secured.

3. Taxes restructured

4. Illegal immigration ended.

5. Abortion ended

6. Obama Care ended

7. Removal of all troops from Afghanistan & Iraq.

8. Coal mining and oil drilling everywhere available

9. All energy forms to be developed thus creating jobs.

††††††††† A. Oil

††††††††† B. Wind

††††††††† C. Nuclear

††††††††† D. Solar

††††††††† E. Thermal

††††††††† F. Hydro

10. Jobs created.

††††††††† A. Infrastructure(bridges, etc. would be repaired and rebuilt)

††††††††† B. People in jail would be made to work.

††††††††† C. Welfare people would be made to work.

††††††††† D. Jobs created by forms of energy being developed. Oil refineries, nuclear plants, hydroelectric plants, thermal plants, etc. be built and run.

11. Welfare would be restructured.

12. Social Security would be restructured.

13. Medicare & Medicaid would be restructured.

14. Terms limits would be instituted.

15. Pork would be eliminated.

16. No more handouts only hand ups.

17. Congress would have to pay into SS and all laws and rules passed, they would have to abide by also. Ex. Whatever healthcare they passed they would have to get also.

18. Restructure the criminal system.

††††††††† A. Can only have 1 appeal.

††††††††† B. Only 6 months to complete it.

††††††††† C. People on death row must be executed within 1 month. No longer.

††††††††† D. All people in jail for drug abuse must be rehabilitated and helped to reenter society.

††††††††† F. Restructure the drugs laws.

††††††††† G. People released from prison must be able to be hired. No life long felony records.

19. Guns allowed by all citizens for home protection.

20. Capital punishment must be upheld in every state and murder, rape, kidnapping, armed robbery, and sex trafficking would be punishable by death.

21. Pornography industry would be shut down.

22. Identity theft mandatory jail 30yrs.

23. Business actions restructured. No more bailouts and businesses could not go overseas to not pay taxes. Businesses would be helped to succeed not hindered.

24, No more spending to try to fix the economy.

25. A year of Jubilee. This will be daring but the worldís economy as well as our own needs to be reset.

26. There will never be anymore trying to take God out of our system or country, out of our schools, off our money or off our statues or any governmental grounds,

26. This is not all. There will be more to come.

Is there anyone out there that has the guts to make the above proposals their platform? I just dare you. Maybe we would be saving this great U.S.A. by turning it over to God.

I love God and I love the great United States of America which is the greatest nation on earth because God has blessed us for what we have done for the rest of the World as we have honored Him in helping others and promoting Him.


Ronald J. Worden


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