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Come Now, Is It Really The Only Way To Heaven?

In this day and age of living in a world where:

1. Everyone is demanding to do their own thing,

2. Being offended over any disagreement toward their actions,

3. Don't tell me your beliefs, you offend me,

4. We must live together and accept anything to live in peace. It appears that most all the other religions of the world accept each other and do not conflict with each other very much in most cases or it's just the opposite "Do it our way or we'll kill you." Most though seem to agree on the point of "That's ok, you find your way and I'll find mine and we'll all meet together in the great by & by."

When we as Christians share our faith we should share it as the other side of the coin. We should be spokesmen for God telling what our faith entails. We should simply ask others to consider what we say and let the Holy Spirit do the rest as we pray for them. Many times it is so easy to get caught up in arguing and debating our faith.

"Come now, is Christianity the only way to heaven? Why would God be so narrow and bigoted?

Consider the following Rambling thoughts as some answers:

1. The book of John is what Jesus said about Himself.

2. If what Jesus said about Himself was not or did not come true, He would have been the biggest liar and nut in history.

3. Most people do not know what Jesus said about Himself.

4. All the other religions of the world are mankind searching to appease an angry god and are man originated.

5. Christianity is originated by God Himself seeking a relationship with mankind to bring them to Himself because He loves them.

6. All the other religions of the world can't really tell you for sure of how to get to heaven. Just do what they say and hope for the best.

7. Christianity definitely explains how to get to heaven.

8. All the other religions have their main prophets dead and in their graves.

9. Jesus arose from the grave bodily, was seen by many, and is not in His grave.

10. No other prophets of the other religions claim to be saviors and love mankind enough to die for them as Jesus did.

Many people say, "Why do I have to do it Christianities way? Why can't I do it my way? Why can't I do any other religions way? My religion is the oldest religion on earth, it must be the way."

By-the-way Christianity began at the beginning of time. Because Jesus always was.

Well, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of the Judeo/Christian faith as told in the Bible is the one and only way. Because God said it is. God tells how to get into His Heaven and people don't want to accept it. They say it is too narrow. However, think of it this way:

If all the companies on earth have conditions for employment such as:

1. Come to work on time.
2. No horse play on the job.
3. Obey safety rules.
4. No firearms on site.
5. No alcohol on site.
6. No fighting on site.
7. No stealing.
8. No immoral stuff.
9. etc,etc,etc

and we have to abide by them in order to stay employed then why can't the God of the Universe have a specific way to get into His heaven.

Consider this, the Muslim religion is about the fastest if not the fastest growing religion on earth. Someday all the other religions of the earth are going to line up behind them because they will be easily accepted and/or converted. All the denominational boundaries of Christianity will dissolve and you will either be a Christian or not a Christian. When this comes to past the lines will be drawn and the book of Revelation will proceed to its' completion.

If one looks at all the religions on earth honestly they will find that they do not make sense and are not really logical compared to Christianity.

In the end it all boils down to one thing, and that is: What We Choose To Believe. The Truth or a Lie.

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