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Can You Really Be A Christian And Believe In The Evolutionary Theory?

I believe it is very difficult to believe in the Evolutionary Theory and be a Christian.

The reasons are the following:

1. The Bible is a spiritual supernatural book written by God through man to be understood. It is not a bunch of mumbo gumbo and secret stuff even though at times it might appear that way because we are too lazy to read, pray, obey, and work at understanding it.

2. The Bible is spiritually discerned. The Holy Spirit is needed to help us understand it.

3. The Bible can interpret itself. There is no other book needed to help us interpret it. It can be done inductively.

4. God wants us to understand His Word.

5. He wants us to believe all of His Word not part of it.

Evolution is not compatible with the Bible not only in the first 2 chapters of Genesis but also in other areas of scripture.

If one believes in Evolution, the first 2 chapters of Genesis have to be questioned for accuracy and ultimately thrown out.

If one starts questioning the first 2 chapters of the Bible where does one stop? We begin to question it and it's accuracy and begin to look at it with doubt and unbelief.

We can go through each book of the Bible and in every book there is a supernatural element.

Some of the more prevalent parts are as follows:

1. The whole creation story. Ridiculous, that can't be proven.

2. How about Noah's flood? How could any person work on a boat for 120 years and it rain for 40 days and water cover the whole earth? That's ridiculous.

3. The Tower of Babel where the languages and ethnic groups began. How could the language all at once be changed into many languages out of the clear blue because a group of people was trying to build a high tower? That's ridiculous. It can't be explained scientifically.

These were only a few from the book of Genesis.

4. How about the voice that came from the burning bush that was not consumed? Ridiculous, you got to be kidding me. Who's going to believe that? It can't be proven.

Yes, and Exodus is full of more weird things that happened.

5. What about Balaam's donkey when he talked to him? Are you nuts? He must have had too much to drink.

6. How about Jonah and the great fish. Yes, it says fish not whale. How could anyone live in the belly of a fish for 3 days and come out alive? That's ridiculous. How could that be?

And you can go on and on through out the Old Testament. Everything ridiculous, can't be proven scientifically, or understood logically without God doing it.

Oh, by-the-way every time people have tried to get rid of the Bible or disprove it they have failed. Many times the findings of archeology have proven the Bible to be true and accurate not the other way around.

How about the New Testament?

How could any God come down to earth and be born of a virgin, live a perfect sinless life, heal people and raise them from the dead, die on a cross for the forgiveness of our sins, arise bodily from the grave, be seen by over 500 people, be touched and seen eating fish and bread, and arise before their very eyes bodily into a cloud when he finally left, and said “I’ll be back.”

How ridiculous it is if it has to be explained scientifically or by man’s own understanding. Only a Great and Awesome God can do that.

Believing in Evolution causes God to be small to you. Believing the Bible causes God to be the Great and Awesome God that He truly is. By-the-way how big or how small is God to you?
Now do you understand why I say it's hard to accept the Evolutionary Theory and be a Christian?

If we try to mix and combine Evolution with the Bible we look at the Bible in a purely scientific manner where if something can't be explained scientifically or understood by our own intellect we question it's accuracy and ultimately reject it.

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